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Preach! Being pregnant by choice has made me MORE pro-choice as I realize the sheer scale of what I willingly signed up for that some women have thrust upon them.

Exactly. Thankfully my country doesn’t really have the kind of reproductive rights issues they have in the USA, but still. It just boggles my mind the ignorant scare tactics used- especially considering the lack of reproductive education and resources available in most states. 

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how can you be pro-abortion but still be pregnant & happy about it? it's like you're saying one thing and doing another.

   First, I’m not “pro-abortion” I’m pro-choice, as in a person with a uterus has gotten pregnant, and they are going to have to make their own choice as to if they remain pregnant or not. My being pregnant and choosing to continue being pregnant has nothing to do with supporting the rights of other women or pregnant persons to terminate if it is their best interest.
   Pregnancy is not a punishment, you don’t “deserve” to be saddled with an unwanted pregnancy because your contraception failed, or you made a mistake, or someone violated your body and consent. More than that, pregnancy doesn’t end at birth- you have a person to raise and care for, a tiny living thing that is subject to your circumstance. If you are in poverty, struggling financially, are trapped in an abuse cycle, have a drug problem, aren’t finished school, can’t finish school, have no way of raising a child, then don’t raise one.
   Pro-life folks talk a lot of hot air, you can give the baby up for adoption, you can do this, you can do that, save the baby- but, and this is an important but- these “alternatives” are whitewashed. Do you know which babies are most likely to be adopted? White babies, by upper-middle class white families. Do you know which babies are likely to be raised as crown wards? All the rest of them. Point in fact, pro-life movements spend time and money shaming and harassing pregnant persons seeking abortions rather than focusing on the social issues that make them seek abortions in the first place, like poverty, or abuse, or lack of resource.
   There is a huge difference between never being born and growing up unwanted, or very much wanted but not given proper care and opportunity because of your situation. It stands to reason that the person most capable of deciding if they can handle the responsibilities that come with being a parent is the person who is pregnant, not everybody else.
   There is a persisting argument among pro-lifers, ‘what if your baby develops the cure for cancer’ well, what if the young person who didn’t quit university because of a broken condom develops it, instead? Pro-life places more value on the lives of the unborn than it does on the life of the pregnant person, strips them of bodily autonomy, guilts and shames them into keeping an unwanted pregnancy, then abandons them at birth because babies cost money but supporting foetuses? Well, that’s free. Fast-forward fourteen years later and thanks to abstinence-only education, the cycle begins again: new pregnancy, same argument.
   Frankly, I’m pro-choice because I believe that in most cases persons choosing to abort are doing so because it’s the right choice for them, and that’s enough of a reason to make it no longer my business or anyone else’s.


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together we shall go until we die
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